Camps & Concerts

Camps & Concerts 

TBPAF has combined its 1st class music camps and Make a Difference concerts to create a strong Music platform for young learners, aspiring artists, and performers to grow in knowledge and to use their gifts of music and arts to create positive change withing people and our communities. 

The 1st Class Music camps are for children ages 6-16 that teach piano, drums/percussion, guitar(acoustic/electric), bass guitar, violin, voice, and songwriting as a gateway to promoting positive social skills and mental health. The camps also provide free lunch to all participants. The 1st Class Music Camps target “at risk” children living in underserved communities. Our aim is to service communities in 5 cities/towns starting in the fall of 2021 and extending through the summer of 2022. 
“The Make a Difference Concert” which provides a platform for young artist and musicians to enhance their confidence in front of an audience. The concert consisted of musical performances and Inspiring testimonials that addressed Insecurities, Self Esteem, and Anger Management. The foundation also sponsors a Free summer music camp for kids ages 6-16. 1st Class Music Camp is a fun and exciting camp that uses a holistic approach to teaching kids how to understand and to play instruments.  


Kids will learn the value of teamwork 
Kids will increase their imagination and intellectual curiosity 
Kids will gain a general understanding of art, music, instruments 
Enriches the quality of children's 


Promotes responsibility 
Raises student achievement levels Develops self-discipline 
Develops greater tolerance for culture 
Provides constructive entertainment