I wanted to take a moment and provide my heartfelt testimony for Chris Crain, The Better Project Awareness Foundation, and donors. Because of the generosity shown through TBPAF my son, Travis, was able to join his schools band after having received a beautiful Trumpet donation. The joy given from such a small, yet generous, donation goes a long way in creating a lifetime of smiles. This is especially important for a child such as mine, who suffers from an extreme version of the birth injury Erbs Palsy/Brachial Plexus Palsy. From my family to yours, thank you!           ~Scott Anderson

It has been a privilege for my daughter Kaprice Maxwell to be a music scholarship recipient of the Better Project Foundation. 

It has provided her with a piano keyboard, private piano lessons, numerous performance opportunities in larger venues, which included performing with national celebrity recording artist, in addition, the foundation has provided continuous mentoring to my daughter as she attends college as a music major.  The founder Chris Crane continues to follow up with her to see how she is progressing, answer music industry questions and schedule or refer her for performance opportunities. 

Although my daughter Kaprice Maxwell has been involved in music since grade school, and a 2017 graduate of Milwaukee High School of the Arts, her involvement with this foundation has made a way for her to continue her college music education and has developed her into a successful musician and vocalist.    ~ Kemba Maxwell

Mitch has a natural gift to play the drums. He felt proud of himself receiving the scholarship through The Better Project Awareness Foundation. He didn’t believe that his talent could take him that far. If not for TBPAF, I wouldn’t have been able to give Mitch that opportunity. Now he’s exposed to so much more! I’m forever grateful!     ~ Lavonda Wilder